Use XCLIP crutch holder, and you are always in control of your forearm crutches. They don't fall down.
Use XCLIP crutch holder, and you are always in control of your forearm crutches – in a cafe, at the supermarket, in the library, on the bus. No matter where you go or how you travel.

XCLIP – the forearm crutch holder for an active life

Unmanageable crutches that you keep dropping can cause embarrassment and a need for help in social situations, but also actual danger and risk of injury. These are familiar issues to users of forearm crutches and can lead to passivity and a negative impact on rehabilitation. The XCLIP crutch holder is an important aid for self-rehabilitation, promoting an active social life and physical activity. The user is always in control of their crutches.

The XCLIP crutch holder  is designed and manufactured in Finland.

The X shape keeps the crutches standing upright

Thanks to the X-shape of the holder, the crutches stand firmly against yourself, a car, a wall, a table or any other support. And they will not fall down! On the rare occasion that this does actually happen, the ‘X’ is easy to pick up.

The XCLIP frees your hands for climbing stairs, opening doors or talking on your phone. Travelling by bus or any other vehicle is much easier, as is getting in and out of a car. The XCLIP improves the hygiene of your crutches.

Easy to install, simple to use

The XCLIP crutch holder is very easy to mount and simple to use.  Some people can use the XCLIP immediately without any trouble, while others may need a few minutes of practice. The holder consists of two identical pieces that are snapped together by hand. You can use a tool for help if necessary.

> Watch the installation video!

  • ‘After learning to use the XCLIP, users soon find that their crutches do not need a large surface for support to stay upright. There are surprisingly many surfaces in our environment for the crutches to safely lean against.’
    Physiotherapist Ari Pellinen, developer of the product

You can remove XCLIP and reinstall it in another crutch.

>>Watch the tutorial video HERE

Product information

  • Size: Weight 60 g, length 12 cm
  • Fits for round, smooth aluminum (metal) forearm crutches stem
    diameter 20–22.6 mm / 0.78–0.88 in or circumference 64–72 mm / 2.55–2.83 in*)
  • Not recommended for a crutch with a composite stem.
  • Colour: black
  • Recommended temperature of use: from -15°C to +35°C. Use with caution under extreme or greatly varying temperatures
  • Made in Finland
  • PRICE: 21,50 €/pc (incl. VAT 24%)
  • Note: Modeled forearm crutches are not included to XCLIP crutch holder delivery.

Measuring the circumference of the forearm crutch stem:

XCLIP crutch holder is small and light, simple to install and easy to use.
XCLIP crutch holder is brilliant solution for forearm crutches. The X shape of XCLIP keeps the crutches standing upright.

User feedback


In German | Auf Deutsch: Acht Wochen Erfahrung haben zweifelsfrei ergeben, dass der Umgang mit den Unterarmgehstützen durch die XCLIP-Halterung deutlich vereinfacht worden ist. Treppenhäuser ließen sich leichter bezwingen. Da sich die Unterarmgehstützen aneinander befestigen ließen und senkrecht an die Wand angelehnt werden konnten, fielen sie nicht mehr auf den Boden, sodass sie weder mühevoll aufgehoben werden mussten, noch jemand darüber stolperte. Ich habe aus Sicht einer in der Rehabilitation befindlichen Person die Erfahrung gemacht, dass diese Halterung zur Standardausrüstung von Unterarmgehstützen gehören sollte.

Sari Järvinen  

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The XCLIP crutch holder made it possible for me to get up and around independently soon after my operation. It helped me to move about more easily and gave me freedom. The crutches stayed upright against any support, and I could carry them in one hand if I needed my other hand for tasks such as carrying a coffee cup. Using two crutches throughout the six-week rehabilitation period after surgery was easy and gave my leg enough time for recovery.

Sari Kesäniemi, Lahti Finland


The XCLIP crutch holder is very handy and easy to use. I watched the installation video, and mounting the XCLIP was really easy without any tools. I learned to use the XCLIP very quickly after practising a few times. I use forearm crutches daily, and the XCLIP really makes everyday life easier. The holder enables you to keep one hand free. This is convenient at the checkout or when climbing stairs – it means you can hold on to the bannister.”

Veera Kärkkäinen, Finland

Großartige Hilfe bei meinem Hobby. Dieser Krückenhalter ist genial. Seit Jahren bin ich auf die Benutzung von 2 Gehstöcken angewiesen und bei meinem Hobby, dem Fotografieren, wusste ich nie, wohin mit den Dingern. Oft warf ich sie auf den Boden und musste mich dann mühsam bücken oder ich hatte Angst sie fallen vom Brückengeländer, an dem ich sie gehängt hatte. Auch die peinlichen Momente bei denen die Gehilfen im Restaurant mit viel Krach umgefallen sind, kann ich schon gar nicht mehr zählen. Das ist nun Geschichte. Jetzt kann ich die Gehilfen zu einem X miteinander verbinden und fast überall problemlos abstellen. Gibt es keine Möglichkeit dazu, muss ich sie nicht auf den Boden werfen sondern kann sie an meine eigenen Beine anlehnen. Das ist für mein Hobby, die Fotografie, fast so wie die Erfindung des Rades. Auch beim Koffer ziehen und Treppen steigen ist der Halter sehr praktisch. An meine eleganten Gehstöcke passen sie leider nicht und so habe ich sie an meine alten, weniger schönen Stöcke montiert. Die Eleganten stehen jetzt immer in der Ecke. Man sollte also den Durchmesser oder Umfang prüfen. Dies ist schon der zweite Halter den ich bestelle. Der erste hat sich auf meiner letzten Reise so gut bewährt das ich für alle Fälle einen Ersatz in meinem Schrank haben wollte, sollte mein erster Halter doch mal den Geist aufgeben. Da das Material beim Gebrauch doch stark beansprucht (bewegt) wird habe ich über die Lebensdauer keine Vorstellung. Sollte der Halter wider Erwarten nur 1 Jahr halten, ich würde ihn immer wieder bestellen….ich möchte nicht mehr auf ihn verzichten.”


 A must-have. A small and VERY FINE aid for the use of walking aids. Climbing stairs, parking for a short time, walking with just one walker, all of this suddenly works easily and almost as a matter of course.

Frank Bayer,



Designer review of the XCLIP: five star functionality

Riikka Salokannel is a designer with comprehensive experience in design from product design to packaging design and branding, which is why we asked Riikka to assess the product from the point of view of a designer, as well as user:

XCLIP crutch holder is a great help in a small package and truly a relief in terms of day-to-day life and hobbies. XCLIP is small, light and easy to carry with you everywhere with the crutches. Thanks to the X shape, the crutches form a very sturdy entity. The crutches require a very small supporting surface and can stand almost anywhere thanks to the XCLIP. This is very important when the user needs to free their hands – to answer the telephone, look for their keys, open doors, go about their business in a coffee house, office or just about anywhere else. It is also functional; the crutches are easy to attach, the clip does not get in the way or scratch or get caught anywhere. The fact that the clip can be easily rotated also eases the use of the crutches.”

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The summer was warm and Riikka Salokannel went on holiday and did some sailing, as well. “Just being able to carry two crutches with one hand was a great help on the boat. I could use the other hand to hold on to the boat for support, and I would need both crutches as soon as I stepped onto the pier”.