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Unique solution for
forearm crutches
Unique solution for forearm crutches
Unique solution for forearm crutches

Trouble with dropping your forearm crutches? We provide assistive devices that are designed and manufactured in Finland, which make your everyday routines easier and promote recovery: the XCLIP crutch holder for those who lead an active life, the YSTAND for treatment facilities and the home and LRACK for storing of crutches.

The YSTAND is easy and simple to use! Forearm crutches without a floor stand fall to the floor, out of the user’s reach. The YSTAND keeps the crutches firmly in place and easy to reach. The YSTAND promotes activity, reducing the workload of the nursing staff.  READ MORE

The XCLIP crutch holder promotes physical activity and makes everyday life easier. You are always in control of your forearm crutches – in a cafe, at the supermarket, in the library, on the bus – no matter where you go or how you travel. The XCLIP increases safety and confidence during physical activity. It only takes a couple of minutes to attach the XCLIP to crutches, and it conveniently follows you along.  READ MORE

XCLIP crutch holder and packaging.
The XCLIP crutch holder, developed and manufactured in Finland, has now found its way to the online store in
Sportredakteurin und F1-Expertin Mervi Kallio
„Ich bin geradezu süchtig nach dem XCLIP“   MTV-Sportredakteurin und F1-Expertin Mervi Kallio erlitt vor einem Jahr einen Bänderriss im
 XCLIP crutch holder is a great help in a small package An evening of theatre practice, warm-up exercises, sudden change

User feedback


The XCLIP crutch holder is very handy and easy to use. I watched the installation video, and mounting the XCLIP was really easy without any tools. I learned to use the XCLIP very quickly after practising a few times. I use forearm crutches daily, and the XCLIP really makes everyday life easier. The holder enables you to keep one hand free. This is convenient at the checkout or when climbing stairs – it means you can hold on to the bannister.

Veera Kärkkäinen


In Swedish | På Svenska: ”Tack @xclip_4crutches! Med åtta veckors erfarenhet: XCLIP-hållaren tog kryckorna till en ny nivå. Den gjorde det lättare att gå i trappor, fick bort det irriterande momentet att plocka upp kryckorna från marken och ingen snubblade på kryckorna, eftersom det går att fästa dem i varandra och ställa dem mot väggen. Ur en rehabiliteringsklients synvinkel så skulle hållaren få vara standardutrustning till kryckor. Jag gick för ett par år sedan för sjätte gången i mitt liv med kryckor och funderade om ingen på riktigt har hittat på något som gör att kryckorna inte faller. Så fantastiskt att du gjorde det!”

Sari Järvinen


Hospital for Joint Replacement Coxa has been using YSTAND forearm crutch stands since the establishment of the hospital in 2002. Every time we open a new ward, we purchase more crutch stands. The crutches stay upright and do not fall over. Our customers can reach their crutches easily. This promotes their activity and independence and they need less assistance from the staff.

Hospital for Joint Replacement
Coxa Oy, Tampere  


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