Our objective

Physical activity after an operation, injury or illness is essential for successful rehabilitation and recovery. The Olecranon products were developed to make the life of people who have temporarily or permanently limited mobility easier and more active – at treatment facilities, at home and in their free time.

With the Olecranon products, we want to increase opportunities for independent mobility, activity and social life and to make the work of nursing staff easier. ‘The use of well-designed aids makes life easier and increases safety.’

Practical design

Our products are made in Finland. The attachable XCLIP forearm crutch holder, wall mounted LRACK  and the YSTAND floor stand were developed by physiotherapist and product designer Ari Pellinen.

  • ‘In my work, I have observed the everyday problems of crutch users and nursing staff, as well as the effect crutches have on patients’ independence, activity and, consequently, rehabilitation and social life.  Everyday problems with crutches may also lead to discarding them too early. The XCLIP and the YSTAND were invented to solve these problems. Thousands of them have already been purchased for use in hospitals. It’s in my nature to find solutions to problems, and I also have technical training in product design.’

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YSTAND and XCLIP - You are always in control of your forearm crutches.
YSTAND floor stand and XCLIP holder - unique solutions for forearm crutchers,