XCLIP – the forearm crutch holder

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The XCLIP frees your hands for climbing stairs, opening doors or talking on your phone. Travelling by bus or any other vehicle is much easier, as is getting in and out of a car.

The XCLIP fits for round, smooth aluminum forearm crutches stem diameter 20–22.6 mm / 0.78–0.88 in or circumference 64–72 mm / 2.55–2.83 in.

XCLIP-halter passend für runde, glatte Aluminium-Unterarmgehstützen mit 20–22,6 mm Durchmesser oder 64–72 mm Umfang.

Modeled forearm crutches are not included to wall rack delivery.
NOTE. Product information below. 

Product numbers:  black XC11 | black with green seals XC12

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Product description

  • Size: Weight 60 g, length 12 cm
  • Fits for round, smooth aluminum forearm crutches stem
    diameter 20–22.6 mm / 0.78–0.88 in or circumference 64–72 mm / 2.55–2.83 in.
  • Colour: Black
  • Recommended temperature of use: -15 C – +35 C, Use with caution under extreme or greatly varying temperatures
  • Made in Finland

*) Measuring the circumference of the forearm crutch stem:

4 reviews for XCLIP – the forearm crutch holder

  1. Frank Richter

    My crutches are made from carbon fiber enforced material (made by Ossenberg). The “main tube” has a diameter of 24mm, therefore I could not use your product which is a pity.

    • AdminTP

      Hello Frank!
      Thank you for your straight feedback. We are very sorry that you have not been able to use the XCLIP holder. In the product presentation on our website http://www.olecranon.fi/en/xclip, we have tried to find out as precisely as possible which kind of stem XCLIP is suitable for
      “Fits the crutch models:
      diameter of the Stem 20 to 22.6 mm | 0.78 – 0.88 in,
      Circumference 65 – 72 mm 2.55 – 2.83 in *)
      Also suitable for forearm crutches with a smooth aluminum Stem (metal).
      Not recommended for a crutch with a composite Stem.”
      Kind Regards, Team XCLIP

  2. Peter Hegemann (verified owner)

    für den Umgang mit Krücken ein muss. Alle Patienten die es bisher gesehen haben möchten es auch sofort haben
    da ich 4 Wochen imm Rollstuhl und jetzt 12 auf Krücken bin eine Erleichterung für den Tag

  3. Christian Rausch

    Tolles Produkt

  4. Francesco Ravetta

    grazie xclip, avevo delle difficolta’ quando dovevo fare le scale oppure dovevo aprire le porte, non sapevo mai come fare a tenere due stampelle con una sola mano, poi ho provato XCLIP ed evoila’ il gioco è fatto, molto semplice da installare e facilissimo da usare, mi ha risolto molti problemi, grazie grazie grazie,
    thanks xclip, I had difficulties when I had to do the stairs or I had to open the doors, I never knew how to hold two crutches with one hand, then I tried XCLIP and evoila ‘the game is done, very simple to install and easy to use, I solved many problems, thanks thanks thanks

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